Public Dialogue Films

Paul Wyatt’s work often features people who don’t have a say in what impacts their lives but are given this opportunity through public dialogues, citizen panels, juries and councils that give citizens a say on issues of great importance to society.

This work has included a national debate on land use and climate change for WWF, the use of health and social care data for the National Data Guardian. Documenting public opinion on the use of AI technologies on behalf of RSA and Deepmind. The potential use of whole genome sequencing as a technology for Genomics England and giving citizens a say on the debate on technologies which collect and process biometric data for Ada Lovelace Institute and on national economic policy, and influence over the future of the UK economy for the Citizens Economic Council.

Paul Wyatt has produced filmed content used within public dialogues (such as information films about a subject matter co-created with an advisory panel) as well as interviews with participants following their journeys as they take part in these processes.  A very human interest approach enables Paul to successfully engage viewers on an emotional and practical level with subjects that explore technically complex and emotionally challenging issues.

His public dialogue content has significantly impacted wider engagement and interest in these processes.

“Paul made participants feel at ease throughout the process and took a wholly people centred approach to the process of filmmaking. The result is a wonderful showcase of how deliberation can contribute to better democratic and civic life.”

Reema Patel, Programme manager,
RSA Citizens’ Economic Council

Paul has done an outstanding job, creating films which powerfully reflect the diverse thoughts, feelings and opinions of participants. The films are proving invaluable in demonstrating that people have engaged meaningfully and effectively with the subject matter and that stakeholders value the views expressed – which will inform public policy on matters of huge concern to society.

Henrietta Hopkins Director, Hopkins Van Mil