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The RSA Forum for Ethical AI

In the first phase of The RSA’s Forum for Ethical AI work a citizens’ jury was held to explore the use of AI in decision-making. Based on the highly successful format of the RSA’s Citizens’ Economic Council, participants were brought together to explore the ethical issues raised by this application of AI under different circumstances such as the likelihood of a defendant reoffending or the job performance of a candidate based on video interview. 

Through a series of tasks and case studies, participants shared their views on how companies, organisations, and public institutions should respond to the increased use of artificial intelligence in automated decision making to ensure future technologies are citizen focussed. 

Paul Wyatt recorded participant journeys and interviewed session speakers throughout this process to understand the thoughts of those taking part with regards to the process itself and their thoughts and feelings about the use of AI in decision-making. 


Paul Wyatt

1 x 17 mins (approx.). (Combined edit)
1 x 9 mins (approx.). (Combined edit)