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The Citizens’ Story

“Paul Wyatt’s excellent Citizens Economy film explores making
trade-offs on big issues”

Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive, The RSA

The RSA Citizens’ Economic Council is a programme designed to give citizens a say on national economic policy, and an influence over the future of the UK economy.

Paul Wyatt’s film follows three citizens on their journey debating about and questioning economists, Bank of England officials and business on some of the most important social and economic issues in their lives – from how money is created right through to how the food and health economies work. For many, the journey was transformative, challenging and uplifting; forcing them to rethink what it means to be a citizen in our modern society and economy.

The film was available as 7 x 2 minute parts and one combined edit of 15 minutes.

The Citizens’ Story Film (Combined edit)
The Citizens’ Story Trailer
“I worked closely with Paul on the RSA Citizens’ Economic Council film, The Citizen’s Story. Paul followed a range of participants through their journey engaging with economics – creating a thought provoking film that showcased the potential for deliberation to build civic agency and control over what is a very complicated and technocratic issue, as well as help shape specialists’ understanding of good and more legitimate policy.”

Reema Patel, Programme manager,
RSA Citizens’ Economic Council


Paul Wyatt

7 x 2 mins (approx.) for social media.
1 x 15 mins (approx.). (Combined edit)
1 x 0.5 mins (approx.)