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The Citizens’ Story

The Story

50 citizens’ from Manchester and London were brought together to form the RSA Citizens’ Economic Council (CEC) Over the next four months and with the help from experts from the Bank of England, the British Chambers of Commerce and local councils they would gain an increased understanding and confidence in talking about economic policy and the impact the UK economy has on their lives.

Filmmaker Paul Wyatt’s film looks at the RSA Citizens’ Economic Council through the eyes of four citizens over the four month process. How do they feel about living in the UK in 2017? How do they feel about the UK economy? How does this impact their lives? The film documents the perception shifts which occur in the participants and looks at how these impact their home and work lives.

“The beauty and the value of
The Citizens’ Story is that it shows us how people become citizen economists and takes us a few steps further towards making the impossible inevitable.”

Jonah Earle, Co-author of The Econocracy


Paul Wyatt

1 x 15 Mins. (Approx.)