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This public dialogue was commissioned by Genomics England and the UK National Screening Committee asked 133 participants took part in five online dialogue events

To consider the question “What are the implications for the NHS and society of using whole genome sequencing for newborn screening?”

For this complex and emotionally challenging dialogue Paul Wyatt arrange one to interviews over Zoom with participants, structured the films, designed the look the feel of the filmed pieces produced a range of content including:

  • 5 in session films that were designed with input from the project team to give information to the 133 participants during the workshops themselves. These included an “Introduction to the dialogue”, “Introduction to Newborn Screening”, “Introducing the cultural implications and carriers dilemma”,  “What is whole genome sequencing” and a “Duchenne muscular dystrophy case study”.
  • 3 social media shorts 
  • 1 Participant journey film 
  • 1 Stakeholder film 


“Paul has done an outstanding job, creating films which powerfully reflect the diverse thoughts, feelings and opinions of participants. He went to great lengths to ensure the films present a range of views on the issues being discussed as well as participants’ responses to the engagement process itself.”

Henrietta Hopkins Director, Hopkins Van Mill

Paul Wyatt

5 x In session films (2 - 6 mins approx.)
3 x Social Media films (each 2 minute approx.)
1 x Participant journey film ( 5 mins each approx.)
1 x Stakeholder film ( 5 mins each approx.)