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Putting Good Into Practice

Putting Good Into Practice is a major public dialogue on making public benefit assessments when using health and care data for the National Data Guardian (NDG) and Understanding Patient Data. The output of this process is policy advice issued by the NDG to support those making public benefit assessments. Paul Wyatt joined the project in August 2020 whilst COVID-19 restrictions were in place that limited him to the use of Zoom only for recording workshop sessions and with interviewing a wide range of participants. 

By combining Paul Wyatt‘s editorial, creative, and interviewing skills, he produced a suite of engaging videos, from source material that mostly originated on Zoom. These included:

  • In session video evidence materials for participants including an introductory film, a jargon buster and profiles with key organisations featured in the dialogue. 
  • Social media content. Short 1 minute films which examined the dialogue process and key points from the dialogue discussion itself.
  • A public facing project film featuring participant journeys.
  • A stakeholder film including representatives from the National Data Guardian, Sciencewise, Understanding Patient data as well as speakers who took part in the process reflecting on the public dialogue and the policy advice that would be  issued by the NDG to support those making public benefit assessments.


The films are proving invaluable in demonstrating that people have engaged meaningfully and effectively with the subject matter and that stakeholders value the views expressed – which will inform public policy on matters of huge concern to society”.

Henrietta Hopkins Director, Hopkins Van Mill

Paul Wyatt

4 x In session films (2 - 4 mins approx.)
5 x Social Media films (each 1 minute approx.)
2 x Project films ( 5 mins each approx.)