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The Citizens’ Biometrics Council

To bring the public’s voice into the debate on technologies that collect and process biometric data, such as live facial recognition and digital fingerprinting, the Ada Lovelace Institute convened a Citizens’ Biometrics Council.

Members of the Council considered evidence and heard from experts about how biometrics technologies are used, the ethical questions they raise, and regulatory oversight. Council members addressed the central question: “What is or isn’t OK when it comes to the use of biometrics technologies?”

Paul Wyatt filmed and produced two project films that combined exposition about the subject matter and the dialogue process with the voices of those taking part to give viewers an understanding and thoughts and feelings about the impact biometric technologies have on their own lives.

The Citizens’ Biometrics Council: Convening diverse voices
The Citizens’ Biometrics Council: Beyond face value


Paul Wyatt

3 x Social clips (each 1 minute approx.)
2 x Project films (4 mins each approx.)