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The Story Of innocent Drinks

The Story

In this short film about innocent drinks Dan Germain takes us on a history tour around Fruit Towers their London HQ. Dan is Group Head of Brand and Creative at innocent and has worked there since the company started in 1999.

Communicating their evolving brand story is very important to innocent. They began their story selling smoothies at a music festival and since then have become a truly global brand with offices opening around the world. Dan discusses the challenge for innocent is making its story relevant internationally in this film by Paul Wyatt which was originally produced by Paul as part of a series of films for D&AD.

“It was great to be able to trust Paul with our ambitions for the project knowing that he’d just run with it and come back with something amazing.”

Hilary Chittenden
Foundation Manager, D&AD


Paul Wyatt

1 x 7 Mins. (Approx.)