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“Into the Darkness ” YouTube Premiere March 5th 2021 8.30 pm

Into the Darkness trailer

FREE ONLINE PREMIERE 05.03.21 | 8.30 PM We’re all missing live music right now; #lastersfilm captures the energy of a gig & celebrates the joy (and some drama) of putting on a show as Fred Deakin (ex Lemon Jelly) heads back to the live stage. Tkts: https://bit.ly/3rQ4V87

They’ll be a backstage chat with the band after the film featuring Fred Deakin, Charlotte Hatherley, Abi Sinclair and Stefan Huw Davies.

Film news, Screenings

Into the Darkness: Fred Deakin and The Lasters.

Thank you for all the comments and inquiries about this film which documents the backstory of Fred Deakin’s double concept album “The Lasters”. “Into the Darkness: Fred Deakin and The Lasters” was previewed at the Screen on the Green cinema in November 2019 and will hopefully receive a wide release later in 2020. Updates about that will appear on this page as well as on my twitter. Thanks very much for all the kind words.