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The Power of Video Storytelling 

“A natural with his camera, the viewer can’t help but be captivated with his engaging & gifted story telling.”

Ella Doran, Director www.elladoran.co.uk

I engage audiences using a people focused approach to factual video storytelling. I specialise in observing and pulling out individual ‘participant journey’ stories of engagement by using a range of storytelling, interview and cinematography techniques. I’ve filmed, produced and edited short online films, feature documentaries and educational content.

Using a people focused approach has proven successful for clients wanting to show the impact their project, product or service has or will make. It’s also helped attract audiences which may not ordinarily have been drawn to the subject matter.  

I cut my teeth working in the creative industry as a designer and later a creative director where I worked with world leading brands and establishments, making content for PlayStation, Neville Brody’s Research Studios, ITV, BBC and Sony Music to name a few. This gave me a solid grounding in how to attract, communicate with and most importantly understand an audience. These skills strongly inform my work as a filmmaker.

As well as making films I also work with students at University of the Arts London to develop their storytelling techniques. I’ve held film Masterclasses and written extensively in the creative press. In 2018 I was as a judge on the Moving Pictures brief for the Royal Society of Arts Student Design Awards.

I enjoy working with clients on films which visually and narratively engage bigger and wider audiences to their projects and show the story of what happened, the transformation that was made and the long term impacts of their work.

If you’d like to chat about a project please get in touch.

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“Simply the best creative talent I have ever worked with even more so when working within restrictive budgets. User driven, client focused and simply never lets you down.”

Duncan Dunlop

“This was the first time D&AD have developed online content, so it was essential that the films were not only concise and informative, but also beautiful and engaging. Paul delivered on all fronts.”

Hilary Chittenden
Foundation Manager, D&AD

“I really appreciate Paul’s time, dedication, hard work and creativity. Highly recommended.”

Sonay Ozen, Producer
The Walt Disney Company

“The Story of Picle is a lovely film”

Ben Malbon
Marketing Director, Google

“Paul’s ability to manipulate material in new and exciting ways, and his determination to hang in there until we had something that really worked, define him as the kind of energized leader and team player that makes our business work.”

Rupert S Macnee
Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)