Expert input tailored to your budget to help maximise your film projects engagement.

“Paul’s ability to manipulate material in new and exciting ways, define him as the kind of energised leader and team player that makes our business work.”

Rupert S Macnee, Broadcast Executive

Paul Wyatt’s work covers a range of sectors and styles

10+ years’ experience as a creative director, creating campaigns for world-class brands gives Paul the expertise to help your campaign, project, or film reach an audience in the most effective and compelling way. Paul can work with your team to understand what you’re trying to communicate and the aims of your project. After this discussion, he will prepare a two-page outline aimed at maximising your project film’s engagement within your budget. 

Paul can help you with creating a two-page outline that includes:

  • Establishing the tone of voice and audience
  • Creating a clear narrative structure for your content.
  • Editing and format suggestions.
  • How to “sell” your story effectively on screen.
  • Filming technique input.
  • Contributors or storytellers that might be featured
  • Output suggestions for online and social and how to “window” the content for maximum impact.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.