Time and Tide

Time and Tide uncovers stories old and new along a once industrial riverside path in Greenwich, steeped in history, not just of Tudor Kings and Queens but of those who lived and worked along the river. Mudlark Nicola White regularly scours the Thames’ foreshore for trinkets and treasures from the past, her talent for discovering these artefacts which reveal lost stories of local people has earned her a worldwide social media following and over 13 million views of her YouTube channel. 

One of Nicola’s favourite mudlarking spots is Enderby Wharf in East Greenwich, an area full of history and innovation and witness to considerable development over the last 20 years as the former industrial landscape of gas holders and siloes gives way to the 02 arena and thousands of new homes. The proposed development of a cruise terminal at Enderby Wharf puts at risk Nicola’s access to the foreshore and creates considerable concern for locals worried about the cruise terminals environmental impact. Filmed over three years, Time and Tide considers the areas past, present and future with insight from residents,  environmentalists, artists and historians.

Clips package (Available on request)

Director: Paul Wyatt
Status: Completed
Running time: 60’ / 70’
Year: 2020

Into the Darkness

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