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The Economy and Me (2019) Trailer

The Story

The Economy and Me is an empowering example of citizens finding their voices and having the confidence to make change. It features Patricia Wharton who in 2017 felt had no interest in talking about the economy. For her it was “like watching paint dry”. By 2018 Patricia had taken an active role in local politics and the stage at The Royal Society of Arts with the Bank of England’s chief economist Andrew Haldane. They were both there to talk about the economy.

The Economy and Me includes and expands on Paul Wyatt’s short RSA film A Citizen’s Story.  It is the very human story of why we need to include to include citizens more within economic decision-making and how deliberative processes such as the RSA Citizens’ Economic Council can help to do that.

“A vital and timely film”

Dr Jo Mitchell, Associate Professor in Economics, UWE Bristol

Paul Wyatt

1 x 42 Mins. (Approx.)