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For the Record (Documentary Trailer)

The Story

“A moving film about music, creativity, fandom and healing. It’s heartfelt and lovingly crafted, just like the art it celebrates”

David Evans / Author “ Manic Street Preachers’ The Holy Bible” Bloomsbury Books.

“Is there anything more satisfying than purchasing your favourite band’s album on vinyl? The cover artwork, the graphics, even the ritual of placing the record onto a turntable… This film brings back the magic of when we first fell in love with the creativity surrounding the music.”

Katy Cowan,
Editor, Creative Boom

“For The Record” beautifully captures the passion that music and art can inspire in all of us. I recognised my tribe instantly: seeing the journey that these super-fans take via their art, a shared love of the Manics and the wonderful project that is Secret 7s really moved me and reminded me once again how evocative vinyl records can be as artifacts in the story of our lives.

A powerful narrative delivered with integrity and grace.

Fred Deakin, Musician and artist

Paul Wyatt

1 x 2.5 Mins. (Approx.)