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For the Record (Documentary Trailer)

In 2018 Paul Wyatt met a group of talented creative people brought together by a love of music and art at the Secret 7” charity art exhibition. He was so captivated by their stories and the Secret 7” initiative he made this film.

For the Record follows the creative journey of music fans Emily from Nottingham and Mark from Leeds who along with hundreds of others respond to the Secret 7” charity art exhibition open call for submissions with the hope of having their art chosen.

Secret 7” raise money for good causes by taking 7 unreleased music tracks by 7 famous musicians and pressing them 100 times each onto 7 inch vinyl. Famous creatives are then invited to create cover art for these alongside others chosen from an open call for submissions from members of the public. The exhibition is completely anonymous with nobody knowing who created what or for which music track. All is finally revealed when the covers are sold on a first come first served basis on sale day.

Emily and Mark create cover art for No Surface, All Feeling by alternative rock band The Manic Street Preachers. They share their creative process and thoughts around the creative inspiration they take from the Manics music. Also featured in the film is legendary Melody Maker photographer Tom Sheehan. Tom’s photographed iconic musicians including David Bowie, REM, Paul Weller, and Mick Jagger. Tom shares his love of music and experiences of photographing the Manic Street Preachers.

Seeing the journey Emily and Mark take through their artistic interpretation of the “Manics” music reminds us how powerful art and music can be as expressive mediums in which to share our thoughts and feelings.

“A moving film about music, creativity, fandom and healing. It’s heartfelt and lovingly crafted, just like the art it celebrates”.

David Evans, Author “Manic Street Preachers’ The Holy Bible” (33 ⅓)”

“A joyous connection of music and art and the impact on those sharing that passion as a collective “well-being” experience”.

Susie Hewson, Founder Natracare

Paul Wyatt

1 x 1 Mins. (Approx.)