The Power Of Video

Dir. Paul Wyatt, 2019 / 35′

Paul Wyatt films, directs and produces brand stories, short films, social media and branded content and short and long documentary films.

Engage Your Audience With Compelling Video


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Filmmaking Services

The full end to end video production process.

“The film has had very high engagements in terms of shares, likes and comments. It’s definitely the best response to a film we’ve ever had.”

Mark Godber, Artists’ Producer, Artsadmin

Paul Wyatt

Filmmaker services include:

  • Brand stories 
  • Case study videos
  • Social Media
  • How-to video
  • Workshops
  • Behind the scenes
  • Documentary
  • Docu series

Paul Wyatt self shoots and produces content offering a wide range of different styles and filming aesthetics to suit your brief and budget. Filmmaker services include the complete end-to-end production process from working with your original brief, consultancy through to delivering the final product. However big your story is, a specialist filmmaker and storyteller can help you tell it to a much bigger audience.

The full end to end video production process.

  • Proposal / response to your brief
  • Pre shoot planning and coordination
  • Filming 
  • Interviewing contributors (if required)
  • Editing
  • Music licensing for online included
  • Transcription and subtitling 
  • Colour grading
  • Sound Design and mix

Scaling up

In larger projects, Paul works with small teams and has access to jib cranes, steadicams, and multi camera setups.

Discuss your requirements

Please get in touch to discuss your project or to ask for a custom quote .

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