3 Men & a Camera

We like telling stories. Preferably you’re own.

Formed by award winning videographer Paul Wyatt in 2012 the production collective “3 men & a Camera” have been busy crafting short films, event videos, motion graphics and audio productions to tell our clients stories and help them reach a wider audience.

We’ve developed a reputation for delivering broadcast quality online film content which is, fresh, innovative and at times irreverant. Our creative documentaries are both insightful and challenging and give a fresh persepecive on their subject matter. We specialise in promotional shorts, observational documentary, event filming and motion graphics. Our clients range across a number of sectors such as the arts, interactive media, charities, publishers, museums, gallerys and the performing arts.

Why we’re different

We produce an amazing array of content far beyond what would be exprected from such a small production collective (ok, we cheat a little and have a few production assistants to help us along the way) The collective of Paul Wyatt, Matt Holding and Joseph Luck pools together a rich array of talents of image making, cinematography, writing, creative direction, sound design and animation. We’re a personable bunch and because we’re lean we can be flexible with your budget to offer rich broadcast quality online and event video at tailored to your budget.

Let us tell your story.

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Paul Wyatt

Paul Wyatt is an accomplished Film maker, editor and director. He's produced short form online documentaries, interactive content, DVD special features and event videos for clients such as Arrow Films, Studio Canal and The BBC. Paul produced and presented the .net magazine vodcast "Web design TV" and has recently produced and directed the series "Studio Life" for Future Publishing. He has a passion for film and image making and combines his skills as an author and journalist to produce video content with a strong narrative structure.

Joseph Luck

Joseph Luck specialises in sound design. He has produced soundscapes for ads, podcasts, short films and apps for clients such as Awake-London & Enigmati Inc. He also records location audio and performs the final audio master on all films produced by "3 Men & a Camera" at his own studio for series such as "Studio Life" and the promotional film "The Story of Picle". Joseph also develops websites and has worked with Paul Wyatt on web designs for a range of clients.

Matt Holding

Matt Holding comes to "3 Men & a Camera" from a background of media production and a passion for image making and the arts. He has worked with ESPN, Exposure and was the winner of the Pepsi short film award in 2007. Matt co-produced the series "Studio Life" for Future Publishing and has worked with the collective on projects for The Royal society of Art and Adobe Systems. A skillful visual story teller Matt works closely with the "3 Men & a Camera" clients as Associate Producer to ensure projects meet targets both creatively and practically.