The Survivor Sofa Story (Trailer)

Client: The Great Recovery / Paul Wyatt

Project background

Watch the full documentary here vimeo.com/149409184

The Survivor Sofa Story follows a small team of designers as they wage a war against waste with design as their method of attack.They spent six months looking for simple design solutions which could help reduce the 1.6 million tonnes of furniture and bulky waste we throw out in the UK each year.

They decide to save a sofa which was destined for landfill because it didn’t have a fire label and use this as a communications tool to highlight how products could be redesigned to give them a new life. They tear down and rebuild (and redesign) the sofa with the help of Camira Fabrics who create a recycled yarn appropriately named “Survivor” which they use to reupholster the sofa at Clerkenwell Design Week. Along the way they meet some of the fantastic re-use organisations in the UK who help local communities and learn how small design initiatives can have big changes when it comes to the design of a product.

The Survivor Sofa Story aired on Community Channel on the 14th December 2015 and is now available online. Community is the only TV channel for communities, charities and the brilliant people who make the U.K. a better place for us all. Twelve million people watched the channel last year. Viewers learn more by watching the channel and are motivated to do more for others. Community Channel is a Media Trust initiative, funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

This non-for-profit film was produced in association with The RSA Great Recovery, Suez Recycling and Camira Fabrics.

Music is by kind permission of Five Minute Pop Promo and Christian Bjoerklund.


Filmed, directed & edited by: Paul Wyatt

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